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The Spring and Summer have provided ample opportunity for Bike Crushable moments on both coasts. All winter I worked with the Bike Collective: Bikes Del Pueblo in San Diego helping them get organized and linked up with the San Diego Bicycle Coalition.


The group has operated for two years out of the local Farmer’s Markets and serves about 5 families a week who speak 12 different languages including: Swahili, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Chinese. The core organizing crew is enthusiastic and full of talent and I am proud to have helped ignite what is the most important source of alternative transportation for immigrants, refugees and families in San Diego.

Recently I relocated to the Bay Area where I have been one of the only female roadies with Rock the Bike (the bike shop behind all of the pedal powered inventions like the bike blenders and bike generators.)  In May we lead a twenty mile bike ride from Dolores Park to The San Mateo Maker Faire.  I have to say that I would definately invest in some kind of poofy butt shorts if I can find some that are half way fashionable. Long bike rides do create friction when there is no loving on the bootie side.  At the San Mateo Fairgrounds we bike powered a musical stage all weekend with the custom art bikes: el arbol and the blue whale.


Of course, co-founder of House of YES Mr. Aaron Goldsmith is still ranked as the biggest player on both coasts as he strummed the strings of his big old guitaron in three of the bands that performed on the Rock the Bike Stage.  He and the Sour Mash Hug Band had to be transported specially by golf cart to get to their other gig on the Front Porch which was also holding down a musical stage at the Maker Faire all weekend.

Fast forward to the incredible preparations being made simultaneously at the Rock the Bike Berkeley Shop for the Bicycle Music Festival and the NYC Celebrates Water, Pedal Power NYC event.  The Rock the Bike shop is a dreamland for bike invention and is less than 3 miles from my new home in West Oakland!  I come over to install a rack on the back of my bike so I can tow a Fender Blender Pro during the festival and I run into none other than the breif case speaker inventor and Bikerowave LA expatirot and current 3rd Ward Bike Shop Instructor, Mr. Steven Ma who is working on the NYC CELEBRATES WATER PEDAL POWER NYC sound rig.


Imagine hundreds of bicyclists all enjoying bike churned ice cream and square dancing in Golden Gate Park getting on their bikes and rocking out to mobile music from a bike powered stage that then converts into a mobile rig.


This alone was heightening my bike pherimones, then I hear my name called and none other than the adorable Moustache himself, Mr. Gregg Osofsky, is riding a tall bike with a helmet which Kipchoge Spencer (the front man from The Ginger Ninjas and co-organizer of The Pleasant Revolution Tours) bequethed to him for the ride so that he could perform standing on the bike towed and powered mobile stage with his co-hort Jared from the Ginger Ninjas while hundreds of cyclists maneuvered through the streets of San Fransisco infusing the city with unstoppable bike love.

The Pedal Power NYC Celebrates Water Festival in Union Square featuring Paul and Leif from Rock the Bike with 17 Mundos powering the largest bike powered musical offering ever seen in New York (or maybe anywhere).  Fundamental to the Pedal Power NYC crew are the loyal and hardworking Band of Bicycles pedal powered devotees who have been supporting the concept of pedal power with their lives since we started venturing into the realm of alternatively fueled festivals in 2009.


Shira, Travis, Scarlet, Steven, Michelangelo, and Julia…you are my heros. Thank you for helping to make my dream of showing NYC that bicycling is not only the coolest transport option but is also a viable source of energy production for musical performance. We have so much potential to bring bike powered energy everywhere. Sabrina Asch is all ready talking about bike powered kareoke chariots and I am still completely obsessed with the idea of bike powered performance, art and music festivals infused with the creativity of circus, storytelling and puppetry.  I love the idea of melding the Bicycle Music Festival Concept with Self Expression and Long Bike Rides to gorgeous locales way off the grid where we can rock out!

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