Correspondence with Jb Henderson

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by JB HENDERSON @ Harmony Festival

3 hours ago
Lauren Larken

Thanks for the update! Auspicious indeed that we should meet at this magical crucial moment.

I am a songbird who is so excited to hop on board this magical transformational vessel. For Burning Man and for 2013.

The capacity where I think I could be the most effective is facilitating the collaborations between all of the various people involved and helping to tell a story. Producer/Director style.

I would also like to be involved in songwriting and performing (I am melding my love of song writing and singing as a lyracist—that is singing off of the aerial hoop which is called a lyra!) —>>>you did say there is a rig…correct?

I am used to the kinds of collaborations you are proposing and got a lot of experience working in production modes with the YES MEN and also at the performance space I co-founded called THE HOUSE OF YES. ( where I facilitated many productions between bands, circus performers, site specific plaes (like abandoned buildings, ships, warehouses).

I am a collaborative production maven. I did my MFA at Brooklyn College Performance and Interactive Arts. I have worked quite a bit in production and performance and founded an arts organization called Artistic Evolution which was an hub of activism and arts. You can check it out at Now a-days I am focused on song writing and performing in conceptually rich and interdisciplanary mobile venues—so this production and all of its excitement is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.

I’d love to get together on skype around the 9th you say is good? Also I would plan a trip to be with you all in 3 weeks. Do you know exact dates-I’d love to plan to be there.

Also: Could you write up in a few paragraphs:
*what is going to happen in the show
*who is involved currently
(names of anyone….is there a spreadsheet with this information)
*any reference material (books, articles, literature) I could use as research?

So very excited,


House of Yes
Performance space in Brooklyn, NY

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