Lymphatic System

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Dear ARTner,

As I began thinking about using biology in this assignment naturally I thought about how fun it’d be to use bodily fluids in my piece. However as I fingered through my friend’s biology coloring book I became fascinated with the systems of the body. The Skeletal System, the Nervous System and especially the Lymphatic System.  I have a very sensitive immune system and all of my life I have had to keep my thyroid and pituitary system monitored. The Lymphatic System runs throughout the body and there is twice as much lymph fluid (by weight) as there is blood. The lymph system is one of the major ways your body cleanses itself of toxins. Deep breathing and exercise are what move lymph fluid through your body.

 Everywhere where there are Lymphs I am very sensitive and aroused by touch.








I am beginning to see more clearly that I am prioritizing my mental and physical health, immune system, happiness, stimulation, and economic growth, and spiritual development and to this end it would be good to focus specifically on my Lymph system as a priority.

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling very unclear about where I should lay down roots, if I should be in the Bay Area or if I should meander or if those two options are at odds. Lately I have been spending time at the Golden Gate Community Co-Housing with some friends envisioning how we might transform the overgrown backyard into a fantastic eco food forest.

As we are figuring out what plants to add we noticed the naturally growing plants on the property we surmise certain possibilities about the land.

For one: there is a HUGE weeping willow. There are also stinging nettles (one of my favourite remedies for inflammation and allergies) Both of these plants love water. We are thinking that perhaps the creek that used to run through Oakland is situated under our future eco-food forest.  Perhaps we will have an aquaponic spring water pond!


Also are aslo a big bushel of Cleavers, which look like this:

and are great for the Lymphatic system when cut up and made into a Tea!  You can read more about them here.

Does this mean that the property is calling me? I feel that way-it has also appeared in my dreams.  My dreams have multiple scenes flickering between Bike Salon, The Bay Area, Conceptually Rich Burlesque and new culture for women!  Some of the characters and places: friend Katherine, who I call my, activist wife in Portland, Willis’ Piano, Hammertown, Garden of One, and Mead Orchards (all in Upstate New York), the cyclepaths and clay melding cinemagra-cyclo-sirens of Copenhagen, the peacocks, gonzos, and windowpanes of Colorado.  Can I have them all as my home?  Where do I go when I want to be alone?

As I am investigating all of my housing options I have applied to live at Golden Gate Co-Housing, where I hope to continue to: learn about, grow, and harvest amazing healing plants to use in food and medicine when I am in the Bay.



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