Mother’s Day Presence.

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Hello Excellent Mother Lover,

Mother’s Day is ONE WEEK AWAY.   Today is the perfect day to send YO MAMA some love literally and figuratively. If you want to get her something special, today is the day to plan ahead (as Mother’s Day is in exactly 7 days).

Forget the conventional flowers which are often cut from another country, shipped using fuel and covered in pesticides.  Over the counter perfume and cosmetics are whack as they are filled with chemicals-which are horrible for the immune system and can even increase your Mother’s risk to Cancer (Lame!)   Send Mama a handmade Card, sing her a song….spend quality time with your Mom!

With organic home grown food, infrared saunas and all natural beauty treatments, a retreat in Upstate New York at Garden of ONE is an amazing opportunity to connect and celebrate. Or if you are not nearby, Give your Mom a gift from a trusted source!  Bring Garden of ONE to your family through their beautiful, wildcrafted, handmade cosmetics! The vibrational essences are amazing and are on Special (2 for 1).  A vibrational essence is an unscented infusion of energies from a certain flower, crystal, symbol, seed, metal, fruit, or combination.  Essences deal with removing blockages, helping ourselves and moving through transitions.  So get one for yourself and your Mother or one for your Woman and your Mom. Or get 4 for your Aunt, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Yourself, Your Honey, your neighbor and Grandma.

Garden of ONE grows their ingredients, picks them, designs the packaging, and creates a conscious creative safe alternatives which uplifts ones spirit by engaging ones senses. Using beauty products that are in line with our health, immune system, and eco system is to recognize and celebrate that beauty is not only attainable, it is in our cells, in our hands and in our nature. Book a retreat or send your Mom love from Garden of ONE  for Mother’s Day. However every day is a good day to celebrate the source from where we came.

Gracias Madre!

Love, Larken


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