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Dearest ARTner,

My biggest fears off the top of my head:

10. Undergoing an Abortion or Miscarriage. (I don’t even know if I ever want to have a baby, and I am in no fear of becoming pregnant anytime soon so no worries on this one.)

9. Doing everything right and still something very bad happening. Ie: right before the house fire of House of YES I bought a $200 screen door and kitty door to improve the quality of my kittie’s life and ensure his safety but neither thing helped it survive the fire.

Or the idea that no matter what we do, no matter how many organic veggies we plant or how safe our cosmetics are that we are doomed!

8. Always putting other people’s needs first.

7. Being homeless

6.  Being unable to overcome my addiction to coffee, sugar and wheat

5. Being stuck somewhere far from home because my bike gets stolen or broken.

4.  Not being productive

3. Killing myself with Stress.

2. Loosing my eyesight or hearing or forgetting how to sing.

But the #1 Greatest Fear of the Week

was that after my my bird will flew away for the second time that it wouldn’t come home—but it did!

….so I didn’t want to, but I clipped it’s wings…



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No need to Fear.

Fear not, for the spirit is with us.