Dear (p)Artner,

As you probably know by now, I am obsessed with Bicycles. I think that they are the absolute best way to get around. In 2009 I co-Founded, Band of Bicycles with Rock the Bike to bring off-the-grid-human powered stages to Central Park Earth Day.  Now I co-host Bike Salon Radio Show, which encourages women to be fully mobile via bicycle in the Bay Area I roll with Berkeley based, Rock the Bike, frequently.

We had an awesome time last weekend on the 4th Annual Maker’s Faire Social Ride from Dolores Park to the San Mateo Maker’s Faire where Rock the Bike hosted a pedal powered stage with amazing line ups of music throughout the Maker Faire.

I have always been interested in melding interdiciplinary performance that is in line with my values. I was having a full on bikegasm as I sang from the branches of el arbol in a steel hoop at the Maker’s Faire.

el Arbol is a tall bike that powers speakers in it’s trunk and has an aerial rig it is totally amazing! I am interested in growing in my abilities as a bike touring aerial songstress and this summer and inspiring others to sing from their he(art)s as we soar from new heights and invest in sustainable futures.

There will be human powered stages at 4 festivals (SF Bicycle Music Festival, Trinity Tribal Stomp, Arcata Music Festival, Gaia Festival) this summer where I can stretch my wings and I am looking for p(ARTNERS)!

My needs:

* An awesome wireless mic with an in ear monitor and transmitter

* A multi-channel mobile sound recorder with awesome mics

* Bicycle Touring Equipment

So excited to make this dream a reality!

<3 <3 <3 Larken


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