Genius Flash Mob Valentine’s Day Music Video from 2009

Dear Genius Friends,

There are so many reasons why this ranks up there as one of my favourite collaborations EVER. Adding culture jamming along with amazing ARTners is sm(art). Also the pie in the picture to the left is of a real pie.  I have really talented amazing ARTners.

With a director Kristi Hall, Producer/Designer Michael Kravit, Costumes by Kae Burke, Dress by Alisha Trimble, Apple Geniuses Designers and Social Change Agents: Madelena Mak, Derrick Mead, Scarlet Maressa Rivera, Noah Davis, Geoff, Welland, Alex, Kerry Truth-Boops, Kate Gibson  Musicians: Eben Lillie, Aaron Goldsmith, Karl Scholz, Mickey Western and Mason Brown and Cinematography by Justin Lange of Magic Hat Productions, Stills by Sabrina Asch, Casey Noel… Interactive by Tom Leger.  Whew…it is an all star collaborator Cast. No Wonder I am so HOT FOR GENIUSES!  (((FULL AMAZING LIST OF COLLABORATORS, with proper titles HERE)))

Sing Along!? Plan your own creative musical flash mob intervention?!  



Watch the video by clicking on the image:

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