bike riding has many advantages

Jun 4, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Bike <3, Genius Collaborators

Biking reduces your carbon emissions. It also grants you spontaneous access to your community. At a moment’s notice you can absolutely fall in love with the people in your town over and over again. I am reminded of this everyday. If I was plated behind glass I wouldn’t have heard  heard the symphony of cute music lifting into the streets from the patio of Oakland’s  Museum of California this Saturday.  At first I thought it was pre-recorded but to my delight my bike wheel turned and I carried my bike up two flights of stairs at the museum and discovered, Toychestra interactive music with kids and toys giving a concert in on the patio of the museum. Right up my alley!  As a Songbird who loves kids.  Here is what wiki has to say about them:

As a lover of circuit bent instruments and a big fan of the Modified Toy Orchestra I was very pleased to find their Sister band the very fresh, fun, and delightful spontaneous situation.

1000% adorable. Once again Bike Love got me right to where I needed to be! Thank you to the Oakland Museum of California for producing such fantastic public events! I enjoy riding by and getting involved…..

Toychestra, let’s play together sometime!


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