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From an amazing collaborator of mine:

Happy Holidays from The Heliotrope Foundation!

Dear Friends,

For the past few years I’ve been working on three very intense long-term projects, in three very different places: Haiti, New Orleans, and Braddock, PA.

Each endeavor was initiated as a creative response to a form of crisis: the earthquake in Haiti, blight in the aftermath of the hurricane in New Orleans, and the slow march of economic disenfranchisement in Braddock, PA.

Each one centers around a physical space: an abandoned Lutheran church in Braddock, a community center and two homes in a small rural village in Haiti, and an unlikely musical architecture which will roam through in New Orleans until finding its home.

And, though they seem incredibly different, each project also shares a philosophy of human-to-human scale work, aimed at creating change through community-wide engagement in a creative process, and through a long-term commitment to the people and the place.

The thing that I have begun to understand this year is that in order to continue to nurture the growth of each of these projects — and the conversation they are generating — I need to form a supporting structure that is larger than me as an individual artist, or even the community of artists builders and educators who have been involved thus far.

And so we created Heliotrope. The first function of the Heliotrope Foundation is to provide a nonprofit structure to create stability and sustainable, year-round funding that will allow us to be the solid and reliable partners that each of these communities deserve.

Heliotrope is also a way deepen our commitments to each of these endeavors. We know that we have much to learn, and Heliotrope will serve as a basin for this knowledge to accrue, allowing us to foster connections between the projects, ask better questions, and make long-term plans with our partners.

As we start this new adventure, we are leaning on friends and family for advice, guidance and financial support. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Heliotrope Foundation via our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=11700

And please spread the word to anyone you know who may share our philosophy and passion about the vital role of creativity in community.

As 2014 ends, we are reflecting on how each generation makes known, through its art and culture, the values and visions that are dear to it. We hope you will join us in creating more spaces for art that speaks to our most basic needs for joy, compassion and connection with one another.

Happy Holidays!
Caledonia Curry
and the Heliotrope Team


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