I am proud to be Featured in YogAudacious

The bodies we see in advertisements for yoga products don’t match my own body or what I see on the mats in #reallife classes.  I have been extremely proud of the work of my Soul Sister and Ring Sister, Brigitte Kouba, aka Gigi Yogini who founded YogAudacious as well as the Yoga Image Body Coalition.  She and I have had a history of successful year long collaborations. When I was doing the Song-A-Day project she did a Yoga Pose-Flow-Meditation or Breah a Day Project.  YogAudacious is the next incarnation! For the entire 2014 year Gigi Yogini has celebrated courageous women and featured a female yogi each week who fully embodies the practice of yoga! This week, I am proud to say that I am featured:  http://yogaudacious.com/lauren-larken/

Thank you Gigi Yogini for the dedication you have shown to supporting REAL WOMEN. For such a time as this, we are finally representing what we want to say, with who we are.






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